Teacher Observation Scale (TOS)

March 18, 2012

For the objective analysis and appraisal of teacher classroom performance, created specifically for teachers by teachers.

The Teacher Observation Scale (TOS) ™ represents a major departure from common methods of teacher evaluation. The TOS employs a behavioral checklist, consisting of a variety of statements describing relevant aspects - both positive and negative - of teacher classroom performance. The observer indicates on the TOS scale which statements reflect the observed teacher’s performance, and which do not. This information is analyzed against predetermined ratings made by experienced educators, to yield a comprehensive, objective assessment of the teacher’s classroom performance.

The Teacher Observation Scale (TOS) ™ minimizes the chances of unfair, ambiguous, subjective, and distorted appraisals that can often occur when using traditional teacher evaluation methods. The Teacher Observation Scale (TOS) ™ provides a concrete assessment of teacher classroom performance independent of observer bias, and independent of the academic performance of students.